fake_echo (fake_echo) wrote in in_the_gutter,

LeS sMoKE sOmE dAmN pCp, bEtCheS

hEy eVrY 1 iMe tHaT bRoThAh tHeY cALl tHE fAke eCHo! sO iM Lk tLkNg 2 a bUnCh oF pEePs i GuEss riGhT nOW i MeeN a LotO pEepS r reAdInG rItE nOw hUh? sO wHuTZuP aLL u uNKnoWn ppL iN dA moThAFuKen echo hOoD. mY lIfe iSnT aS eXcIteN aS oCeAnS CoZ iMa fAkE. AlL i dO in dA dAy iS eAT pOP tARtS anD dRiNk mOunTeN dEw n sMoKe PCP oR TabLE sUgAR iF aH dOnT haVe n e mOrE pCp taH sMokE oN! OceAnS dOn lIkE mE N i dOnT kNoW y I tHiNK i dOn'T LiSteN tO pRopAh muSiC r SumThIn LikE tHT. i doN no y sHe nO LiKE mE cOZ i WaNNa gEt wiT her bOdy N dO sTuFf taH iT cOz sHeS aLL fIne bUt sHe wOnT Lk At mE 4 sUm rEasN bUt i WaNNa dO iT tAh hEr N sTuFf u kNow? oR wE cOuD juSt hAng OuT N sMoKe pCP uP iN tHa hOOd N wAcH PpL bUy dRuGs N sTuFF r if U dOn Lk pcP wE cAn sHoOt sUm mUtHerFuKen KetAmINe iN oUr dAmn aRmS n pReTeNd wE r iMMortL N thT wE LiVE n uH bIg hoUsE cOnsTruCteD fRoM poP-tArtS. i wSh thOse gReW oN bUshEs LiKe weEd doEs sO ThN I cUd eAT tHm aLL tH tImE. i DoN Lk wEeD tHo cOz iT sUx N pCp iS KeWL N wEeD iS nOt keWl LK pcP. r mAyBe wE cUd jUsT wAtCh tHA cArtOOnS n pReTeND tHey R reAl N prEtenD THaT tHa tV wE LiVe iN DaT bEtCh!
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